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Seven Nationed Army


“There’s stuff they don’t know about me yet,” Ryan insists. “Besides, they think everything you’re doing is just to try and lure me back to Republica.”

“That’s because I am,” Ray answers simply. “Long live Roosterteeth.”

“Cute,” Ryan says. “I’m going to go back to bed.”


A playlist for Ray Narvaez Jr. and the Fake AH Crew, based off the fanfiction Seven Nationed Army by MelodramaticMrTails on AO3.

cover art by yetiokay!

my tumblr: naervaez

11 tracks
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@CyLarkalis fun fact: the reason worried about ray is on the playlist is because the sequel for 7na is called that! c: and my playlist for the sequel once it's complete will be called that too.

I just want to say I listen to this playlist all the time and every time it reminds me of Seven Nation Army. It's really impressive that you've managed to create a playlist that I can tell what it is about no matter what I am doing <3

@Belaphabet I would just like to inform you THAT I'm exhausted and I saw the comment notification and had a minor heart attack because holy shit, someone ACTUALLY commented on one of my playlists. And it's such a lovely comment too; it made my night! So genuinely, thank you. I'm glad to know people still enjoy it a year after it's creation.

if anyone knows who made the cover art, please let me know! there wasn't space in the description but i'm not sure it's actually rooferfeef and yet i can't find out who made it.

@Going-in-cakeless THANK YOU SO MUCH OH MY GOSH I've had this playlist up for months and I just couldn't figure it out and I felt so bad for not being able to source them ;;;; thank you so much for the help!