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Worried About Ray (We Come With A Price)


“Mercurial,” Ryan growls back.

“Pithy!” Ray snaps.



As the music stops, so do they. They’ve come to stop face to face again, almost pressed together, with Ryan holding one of Ray’s hands upward and their other two hands drawn back as if prepared for an actual fight.


“That was almost beautiful,” Michael assures. “You know, if you were supposed to look like you were trying to kill each other.”


A playlist for Ray and the Fake AH, returning somewhat more worse for wear than they were before. After taking over a year, I've put together a sequel to 7na! And for the first time, there will be more than one playlist, which means more is coming. Set to go along with Seven Nationed Army and Worried About Ray by edgarpattillo!

Art is from open sources.

13 tracks
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