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paralyzing//agonies xx

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for those days you just want to drown out the world and get lost in the music.

contains mostly english vocaloid/vocaloid covers from my favorite artists with a couple other songs thrown in.

art source needed

  • Radioactive In The Dark by Eugeniovescio
  • Childish War おこちゃま戦争 by JubyPhonic
  • American Beauty/American Psycho (AMERICAN BEAUTY/AMERICAN PSYCHO) by FallOutBoy
  • English 『Ashe』 by 『Rockleetist』 Bad Apple!!
  • Party Poison by My Chemical Romance
  • Matryoshka by ashestoashesjc
  • Sofi Needs a Ladder by deadmau5
  • (Gumi and Oliver) The Logical Pink Gizmo & The Gingerbread Man (Vocaloid Original) by Steampianist
8 tracks