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but for you i'd leave it all


These pretty boys are ruining my life

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  • Hold Back the River by James Bay
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  • Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
    Come on Eileen/ Oh, I swear what he means/ At this moment you mean everything
  • Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
    I can move mountains/ I can work a miracle, work a miracle/ I'll keep you like an oath/ May nothing but death do us part
  • Budapest by George Ezra
    It may be hard for you to/ Stop and believe/ But for you/ Ooh, you/ Ooh, I'd leave it all
  • Pavlove by Fall Out Boy
    I want to make you as lonely as me/ So you can get, get addicted to this,/ You can get, get addicted to this now
  • AVICII Lay Me Down Official by Avicii
    Lay me down in darkness/ Tell me what you see/ Love is where the heart is/ Show me I'm the one, tell me I'm the one that you need
  • For the Nights I Can't Remember by Hedley
    But you believed that I could be somebody/ You put your world on hold for me/ Gave away to follow failure through the fire/ I need you to know I will
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