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Pokemon Jams


when you want to jam out to pokemon but dont want to cry because sometimes pokemon can do that to you ((or nostalgia might take over who knows))

art credit:

  • What Kind Of Pokémon Are You by Pokémon
  • Pokemon Theme Song 'Gotta Catch Em All' by Walt Ribeiro
  • Battle! (Lysandre) by (Red)
  • Pokemon Movie 14 Opening: Best Wishes! by Max FireHeart
  • Pokerap full version English by Andrew Stanley
  • Pokemon Advanced Battle by Jirachi's Sounds
  • Battle! (Gym Leader) by DJ Jimmy Ray
  • Pokémon XY「V (Volt)」 by Rivai Heichō
  • Pokémon Opening 15 BW Rival Destinies [Full] by Miguel Castañon Castañon
  • Team Galactic Commander by Pokemon Diamond + Pearl
  • Pokemon X & Y Champion Diantha Theme by Changeling The Lost
  • Battle Cry (Stand Up) by Pokemon
12 tracks
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