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Anarchist's Cooking Music


Preheat oven to 420 degrees. Put plump anarchist inside. Wait. Wait. Wait. Take out anarchist. Pinch of apathy. Spritz of lemon.

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The weather is the best. i haven't had a winter for years. today was 22 and its the middle of winter..i love it! people always say i must be used to cold being from the UK but i never did. Im definitely a sunshine person.grey skys make me depressed haha hey are you on facebook? add me if you like :)

That sounds like one hell of a job. Lol. I haven't been to Antelope canyon, and despite living 3 hours away from the Grand Canyon, I haven't been there either. hahaha. I guess I just take it for granted because I live so close.. I'll probably make it down there some day. lol. Australia sounds nice. How's the weather?

Yea and very random! i have a friend that runs a touring company so he organises all the gig venues and flights and what not and then he gets to tour with the bands too, i envy his job! if you can call that working haha im originally from England but have lived in Australia for the past 3 years now. i travel a lot :) so have you been to the grand canyon and antilope canyon? id love to these those places one day!