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"hi, i'm harry. is this seat taken?"


in which you first met when he sits across from you in a coffee shop and talks to you for hours, making you laugh and buying you more coffees. little did you know that this was just the beginning of your love story.

  • Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart by Ariana Grande
  • Never Say Never by The Fray
    "don't look now but to your right, there's a man totally picking his nose. hey, i said don't look now!"
  • Dont Let Me Go by Sam Mc Carthy ft. Harry Styles
  • Mind by If I Stay
    "alright, you can stop laughing. i know you're just jealous that even though i'm a boy, i can pull off a bun better than you."
  • Piazza, New York Catcher by belle&sebastian 7/16/2013
    "so i have this friend, his name's zayn. i swear i only like girls, but he's like a god. like he'll blink and you're pregnant. shit, i should probably sound more heterosexual when i'm talking to a cute girl."
  • Today by Various Artists
    "we should probably get going now, wanna take a walk? i could walk you home, if you'd like. despite talking to you for four hours straight, i'm not quite ready for this conversation to end."
  • I Never Wanted to Go by Various Artists
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somewhere we only know (keane cover) / max schneider & elizabeth gillies
i love you / alex & sierra
never say never / the fray
mind / willamette stone
thinking out loud / ed sheeran
piazza, new york catcher / belle & sebastian
one / ed sheeran
love someone / jason mraz
today / willamette stone
falling in love at a coffee shop / landon pigg