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the romance = doomed

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Namey, I've been having a go for a few days now and your mixes are quite something. I was actually the one who commented years ago on one of your RYM lists asking if you had published an 8tracks of the mix you made. And so, you did. Thank you. I am often thrown off by the Rihanna's and other outlandish pop music but your choice selection of the elite post-punk and synth stuff makes me see the humor in it. Not sure if you'd dig my mixes and not even sure where I'd tell you to thought but we explore similiar themes in different fashion. Best ~ TIOLI

@TakeItOrLeaveIt Thanks for the kind words T. I do love to retain a sense of even jarring contrast and maybe something akin to irony in my playlists. These days I rarely listen through 8trax anymore but your mixes look a must-visit