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going medieval


8 tracks including music by Thinguma*JigSaw, Le Loup and The Velvet Underground.
Frères humains qui après nous vivez
N'ayez les cuers contre nous endurciz,
Car, se pitié de nous pauvres avez,
Dieu en aura plus tost de vous merciz.

8 tracks
6 comments on going medieval

Glad you came down to this dark ages! I heard thinguma at a small concert. We were a very small crowd gathered around them in a small dark concert hall with no mikes. It was quite amazing. Like travelling through time or to another dimension.

Love the comment!
I wish I coul be related to Le Loup but... not enough time to have a band and although their album is called family I'm not part of it (yet).

Le Loup? hmm good shit.. something.. peculiar about that band name. ... hmm..

This mix is like delicous pumpkin pie on a chilly afternoon! aah love this shit!!!