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Khunbam: Jewel in Hands

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Tracklist --
[1] MY FRIEND by Tristam
[2] HUNTED by Priority One & Two Thirds
[4] LEAVING NOW by Noisestorm
[5] WE WON'T BE ALONE by Feint ft. Laura Brehm
[6] HERE WITH YOU NOW by Grabbitz
[7] VALKYRIE by Varien
[8] COSMIC LOVE by Florence and the Machine.

Enjoy :D

I will now explain the reasons for the selection of these songs.

[1] My Friend

“In the wind I hear my name
With the ones, starting the games”

Right off the bat, we have Khun’s involvement in the ‘games’ and bringing the brains necessary to make his teams (wherever he goes really) and his plans work.

After this chorus ends, we have….

“And when it's over / We can be together / Venture to the world inside / I could see in deeper / I could see in clearer”

Let that sit in a moment for you.

“I'll never be afraid to die again
I'll always be there for you my friend”…..
“We were born just to believe”

These verses are the most representative of what Baam is to Khun. Devotion and loyalty. All in all this song does a perfect job at capturing what he wants to be: fully there. Transcendental. And that’s why we start off with this as [1].

[2] Hunted

We’re building up danger in this song. It’s worthy to consider that ToG’s pacing always has this ‘everything’s going to fuck up immediately, so watch your fucking back’ vibe.

Quintessential lyrics in 2nd verse + chorus:
“I’m gonna press my frantic hand against your chest ….
Just to feel your beating heart.
But soon I want better systems to connect….
A universe falls to parts

(I become the hunted) x5”

[3] Children of Hell
Reference to Helltrain Arc.

The lyrics are very minimal. The instrumental and dubstep here is provocative and grating. Some people might actually hate this. But you will be delighted to hear these lyrics:

“They're working
In shackles again
The age of a trend
The world descends
Until there's nothing
But the children of hell
The angels have fell
It's time to take back the throne.
It's time to take back the throne.”

Very Tower of God, isn’t it?


Khun’s sense of responsibility and duty only grows after the Helltrain arc. This is pretty clear in how he refers to “Baam…..” so many times in the panels. He’s obviously worried. Khun wants to be confident. He wants to take him ‘there’. But he’s afraid.

> “Take your things as we’re walking off again…. Say goodbye, oh we’re leaving now…. Look up, we can have some hope again….. We’ll get out of here, just hold on”

This is a highly romantic song so let’s not discuss it here. :) Look up the lyrics for yourself, and feel your heart squeeze.

The introduction is relaxing and finally a breather from all the adrenaline-pumping hits that we just had. But don’t be fooled, it has its own intensity.

(PS: Notice that the vocals shift from masculine to female vocals here. This is intended; not as a way of gendering him but to signify we’re going into Khun’s ‘inner world’.)