Nanase Yoshi
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15 tracks dedicated to this summers wonderful anime, Tsuritama.

It is mainly Haru centered and centers around the pairing HaruYuki. The last song is just for lols XD.

Includes Artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Owl City, and Florence And The Machine.

12 tracks
5 comments on END OF THE WORLD

Ah this is so well-constructed and lovely, great song choices, great arrangements, congrats on ur taste, etc. I can't stop listening.

I'm not a big fan of indie, and I don't know a thing about this anime... but I really like this. Very soothing mix with powerful lyrics.

Thank you! ^.^ Im glad you liked it! Whenever putting together stuff and uploading it on here I always wonder if all the songs go together and/or tell a good story. So thank you so much for the comment! Tsuritamas a pretty good anime! Cute, funny, and at times emotional and thought provoking. If you ever get the time Id check it out!