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i hate you now (but after all this time)


one day, pete will be able to convince himself that he is actually over mikey, for a period of time that lasts longer than half an hour.

unfortunately, today is not that day.

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@sweetlittledudes actually i do know this - this playlist is over a year old, i didn't know back then - so thanks for reminding me to remove it from the tags!

@nantaire @sweetlittledudes I don't know if you've tried to change it, but the tag is still there. with 8tracks sometimes (especially a couple years ago like when this was originally posted), you'd have to change a track, tag, or title like 3 times before it became permanent. but yeah, p*key is a slur for romani and travellers, so please change it to petekey/petemikey/sld/sweet little dudes!