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Sound of Clouds

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Mellow acoustic guitar melodies for you to enjoy.

  • ã Nagi No Asukaraã Fonte ã Ostã by Nagi no Asukara
  • Path of the wind (My neighbor Totoro) by GoToInfinity
  • Rainbow (Acoustic Guitar) by ROUNDTABLE feat. Nino
  • Mother 2 - Eight Melodies (Solo Guitar Instrumental) by --
  • Yoru No Himawari (Acoustic Guitar Instrumental) by --
  • (acoustic guitar instrumental) by I Won't Go To Bed
  • 鬼束ちひろ solo acoustic guitar instrumental arrange by 眩暈(memai)
  • Acoustic Guitar Instrumental by Dalingding
  • 缠 acoustic guitar instrumental cover by 伍家辉 Wu JiaHui
9 tracks
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