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These indescribable feelings towards you.

  • Noh Ji Hoon (노지훈) by Fly With Me
  • 전부 거짓말 by B.A.P
  • We Are Infinite by INF1N1TE
  • 아픈데 좋아 (UUUUU) by VIXX
  • Brave Brothers, Electroboyz and Kikwang by Break Up
  • Imagine by BtoB
  • C-clown by C-CLOWN
  • 차 안에서 (In The Car) by C-CLOWN
  • Crying (Infinite H feat. Baby Sou by ∞INFINITE∞
  • 멀어진다 by Brave Guys (용감한 녀석들)
  • Beast by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
11 tracks
2 comments on Indescribable

You are right :) at first i just wanted to match my tumblr name. but on second thoughts it kinda make me sound rude. but i think your interpretation on it isnt bad , so im kinda relieved xD gotta definitely get lost in the music <3

I waited until the fourth song and then I was like "Ohh ok. This girl either has super powers and can read my mind or she just has awesome taste like myself!" <3

Haha, Im really glad you enjoyed it :D and it's probably bits of both xD I really love all your mixes too ! Great minds think alike aye? haha