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we are magic


we are magic.
we are moments.
we are dreams and
we are memories.
we are everything.
and in the depths
we swim deeper to
discover that we are not born whole
so we cannot be broken.
we are born in twos, and we are
searching, searching
for the other piece,
that other person
to guide us home.

r.m. drake

8 tracks
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ok so i knew i was going to like this when the first song was Ever Enough, but then you had to kill me with feels with Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop. And THEN you had to throw some freaking Ed Sheeran in there. I thought maybe I could make it through this without crying but then.... ALREADY HOME BY A GREAT BIG WORLD. omg this is great

@swigswooty omg, you are so sweet. you don't understand how happy you made me. well, can i predict the future? i have a feeling that you gonna love my coming playlists. love u