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✿my shit darling✿


this is for you, cassity. because i love you. through all your flaws and little things, i love and care for you oh so much. i want this to be a playlist you can go back on when you're hate. so you can know im here for you. i love you cassity. you're perfect to me, really are. you deserve the world. stay strong babygirl. x

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im so glad ! exactly what i was aiming for. im so glad it helped you. youre perfect in everyway shape and form, and society gets to you sometimes but thats when you need to remember that youre loved even if its a stranger on the internet or a stranger on the street, youre loved and wanted by them down in them and theyd be so destroyed to see you go. youre wanted. youre beautiful. im so glad this helped. im pretty much rambling right now but i just wanted to let you know youre loved and please dont give up. stay strong. x

so i was having a bad night and i was looking through some playlists and i saw this one and its so perfect i love all the songs, a great start and great end, thanks for making this mix that helped me