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We are still here

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Also the book is called ' The Way of Kings'. It's part of the stormlight archives by Brandon Sanderson if anyone was interested. :D

@Bizarre Shenanigans Thanks for your comment :D When I created the playlist I had no idea the book even existed, but I found the picture and thought it was super great. Now I'm glad to have used that cover because I'm reading the book and I'm enjoying it a lot!

I'm just wondering, is this (beautiful) playlist meant to be in connection with The Stormlight Archive? I only checked it out because you used the cover of my favourite book as the picture, but oh what a good decision that was!

@cyanide6 Oh, I didn't know the picture was a book cover, but now I want to read it :) Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked the playlist, even if it doesn't have any connection with the book.