Is this playlist safe for work?


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I can't even count the number of times I have listened to this playlist in the past four years of schooling. Junior year of high school i found it and it got me through my huge american lit research paper, senior year it got me through my philosophy essays and all of the AP papers and college apps i had, freshman year of college it was the soundtrack to finals week each semester, and here I am again sophomore year, writing an art history research paper with help from the motivation and relaxation of this playlist. This comment is currently longer than the paper I have written but that's besides the point. THANKS FOR THIS PLAYLIST IT IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE.

This mix is amazing. Thanks to this, I did good on my essay, test, and exam! I totally recommend it for studying.

this is a terrible study playlist because all i want to do is dance around or sit and think about how awesome being a kid was...

This is amazing! I just wish it was longer... Definitely gave me ideas on what I need to be listening to while I study. Thank you :]