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ghost story

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Lyrics are spot on and love how the song order tells his story and the overall mood you've cultivated. All in all a playlist I'm probably going to play over and over

@3half thank you! this mix took longer to put together than any other mix i have created (except my natasha mix) because I put so much thought and effort into it and I'm so glad that people see that!

i adore this playlist with all my heart thanks so much for making it, could you tell me the original order of the songs? because i loved the vibe of that but 8tracks keeps shuffling it after the first time

@rozatherose Thank you so much! The original order is The Winter Soldier, Container Park, Who Will Save You Now, My Enemy (Paranoia), Who Are You Really, Death Hammer, Iron, Shooting The Moon, Warriors, World on Fire, Bones (Young Guns Cover), Crucify My Enemy (Within Temptation vs. Muse), Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Centuries, End of The Line (which makes me tear up every time i listen)

@Soldier Princess Thank you!! that means so much because the order of the songs is very distinct in all of my playlists to tell a story and I was wondering if anyone had picked up on it.