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what will history say?


'We have to fight.' Yes, but when it's all over will they celebrate us? Vilify us? Forget that we began as children, wanting not glory, but peace?

I made this with animorphs in mind, but it works for basically most teenage superhero teams.

Tracks 1-2: Deciding to fight.
Tracks 3-7: Everything is terrible, but we've got to keep fighting.
Tracks 8-12: We decided to keep fighting, and now we're all kind of fucked up.
Track 13: It's not over yet, we can't let it end like this.
Track 14-16: It's the last fight, and now the world is watching.
Track 17: Saying goodbye
Track 18: Blasting off for a last adventure. Or, alternatively, exhibiting very poor coping mechanisms.

18 tracks
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