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how would you rate your pain?


a collection of those animated movie osts that totally made u tear up

and like idk about u guys but i'm super emotional and i cry at absolutely everything so after every movie ever i'm basically a puddle and my pain is definitely a ten

21 tracks
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*working from home* "hm.. this could potentially be bad... but it's good music, I'm sure I'll be fine..." *fourth song in, editing photos between sobs*

I would rate my pain like 12 cuz I haven't started my homework at 10pm on a Sunday night and I'm too busy stalking your playlists rn

Big Hero 6? Toy Story? My pain's about a 2. Stoick's Ship? My pain is an 11 now, thank you very much. Aw crud. Here come's Married Life. Pain rating: 12