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Parceled Pieces: Instrumental Study Mix


Playlist updated February 2014

Every experience from the good to the bad- our deepest kept moments of exhilarating exuberance, our travesties of tarnished treasure, or the monotonous moments of the everyday mundane - all of them nuanced our everyday life collaboration. Parcel out pieces of your identity and add to the fabric of higher being and oneness.

*Thank you everyone for getting me a gold label on the mix, for listening, and for your comments! -Nathan

21 tracks
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Thank you for listening and I hope your essay went well! I love hearing it helps with writing an essay in particular, because that was the exact purpose I mixed it for!

Haha. I, no joke, listen to this arrangement well near a dozen times a week. It is my meditation. And it plays so well for a multitude of mediums: reading, writing, out on a jog... So great. Now to just learn it on piano.