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Let's Play | Shimashou | しましょう


Youtaite's from Soundcloud//YouTube!
Let's Play some of my favorite songs.

  • A/Z by Aldnoah.Zero ED1
  • Raspberry * Monster【Anna】 by annapantsu
  • 【Takara】 愛言葉 // Love Words (English&Acoustic Vers.) 【歌ってみた】 「 ♥ Happy Monthsary, Bae ♥ 」 by ✌ Takara ✌
  • Jo Remix) by aLIEz feat. Paperblossom (dj
  • dareka umi wo by un3h
  • 【Dari】 ECHO 【Cover】 by Dariuski
  • Delusion Tax(Mousou Zei)【Cover】 by HikariDollty XD
  • A Female Ninja But I Want To Love by Dari・Kura
  • Dubstep [ dj-Jo Remix ] Full Version by unravel feat. Raku
  • さよなら (English Cover) 【CMKC】 by 【Tiara ft. 初音ミク】 Sayonara
  • Piano.ver by 【rey x pairi】からくりピエロ
  • Yonjuunana (English Cover) by JubyPhonic
  • Outer Science (English) by Kuraiinu | 暗い犬
  • イノコリ先生|InokoriSensei(Cover) by elizatwinkies
  • Jo】 by Shounen Brave (English Cover)【ft. dj
  • 【Dari】 LUVORATORRRRRY! 【歌ってみた】 (Cover) by Dariuski
  • Unravel [English] by Kuraiinu
  • english ver. by ❁. Streaming Heart
  • Magia [Full German Cover] by paperblossom
  • Blumenkranz [Cover] Final Mix by paperblossom
  • [Full English Cover] Days by Jayn
  • 【Raku& Dari】 Drop Pop Candy by RakuMugetsu
22 tracks
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