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It's Iconic, Baby


A collection of songs you didn't know you wanted to hear in 8 Bit form until now!

  • Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (8bit) by Arctic Monkeys
  • All The Small Things (8-bit) by Blink-182
  • fat.lip by G_L_C_B
  • bit cover) by Barbie Gilrl (8
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Brian Setzer
  • In The End (8bit) by Linkin Park
  • Rolling In The Deep (Cover) by AustinAtrociousMusic
  • Where Is My Mind (8 Bit Remix) by Pixies
  • 8bit Bad Religion Cover by Sorrow
  • Bit Tera Melos Covers) by So Occult / Kelly (8
  • Somebody Told Me by 8-bit cover
11 tracks
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