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It's so great to finish a book and find something that makes you feel inside of the story again and again! Thankssss

barely starting to read Anna and the French Kiss (sad, I know) and I'm so glad I found out there's a playlist made by the author.

hey steph! i hope you read this comment! I love you and anna and lola so much. seriously, its one of my favourite books. i love you and i hope you write so many more! :-) much love, mani

i loved anna and the french kiss! there will never be a book as good as it, yet i still find myself looking!!! ahhh! must turn this into a movie. the music here reminds me of the book so much!! SPOT ON!! ahhh!

In the space of one week, you've become my favourite person Steph! Love the book, your taste in music and your style :) Virtual high fives from Australia! x

I just finished reading this book for the first time, and it was one of the most adorable books ever. I read it in 2 days (and I worked 12 hrs days as well!) It was amazing!! And this mix is perfect!

The feel of "Like A Friend" definitely fits with the whole kiss scene! It starts out all friendly and sweet, then fiery, then backs off sadly, then it's intense again. Awesome pick!

I will never be able to listen to Sturgess' "I've Just Seen A Face" without giddy sniffles. I love this book (and you, Stephanie Perkins :3) so much it's ridiculous.