43 comments on Anna and the French Kiss by naturallysteph

My god! I'm very much fond of the "hellboys" ALTHOUGH, I do not understand a word the singer is mentioning. But once again i have to say, stephanie perkins you leave me 'speechless'.
P.s i just wanted to mention im getting 'lola and the boy next door' delivered this week. :) Oh and i forgot to mention your an incredible writer. (Hope to see more of your amazing work).

You're a great writer. I love this book, this playlist, and I just read Lola and I loved that too. Now Lola needs a glittery playlist!

I'm so ridiculously giddy right now. Anna is one of my favorite books and this mix is so perfect. This will be on repeat for a long time!

i love this mix! it fits the book (which I also love!) perfectly, although I'd do anything to hear the entire playlist :))

I'm nerding out so hard to this playlist, reading the playlist spoilers and finding the scenes along with the songs in the book. It's so perfect, this will be on repeat for a long time. Anna is one of my favorite books ever and this is just another thing to add to it's (and Stephanie Perkin's) complete awesomeness.

Anna and the French Kiss is possibly my favorite book. And i have read thousands of books. But I have read this very amazing book six times in the past year. Hahaha! But this soundtrack fits perfectly! I love love! And now I have a new obsession with french rock.