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Spinning 45mins (#62)


45:00 indoor cycling to develop power

Effort should be equivalent to interval duration (short = INTENSE, longer = less) and match song chorus. RPM @effort around 90-100 (focus on high power gears, NOT fast RPM). Adjust gear difficulty to your level.

Here is the breakdown:
**e=effort & r=rest

Warm-up on #1song

A -- Easy climbs
A1. #2 3x climbs matching chorus
A2. #3 3x 0:40e/0:40r

B -- #4 6x 0:30 SPRINTS high intensity
B1. 3x 0:30e/1:00r
B2. 3x 15e/15r, then 0:40r
B3. 1:10e sustained effort @8/10

REST 2:20

C -- 3 songs (#5 #6 #7), 3 sets of 2x 0:30 Sprints, rest between each interval gets longer every song. 2:00r between songs
C1. #5 0:30e/1:00r/0:30e / 2:05r
C2. #6 0:43e/1:05r/0:45e / 2:24r
C3. #7 0:30e/1:29r/0:30e

REST 1:14

D -- MAX EFFORT for duration
D1. 3:20e


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