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"I mean, people aren’t good. That’s not how this works. I mean, things that you do are good, or bad, but people are just people."

Songs for Caduceus Clay. Someone give him some tea and let him rest.


Original photo by Emily Goodhart on Unsplash; edit by me.

9 tracks
1 comment on Mother Nature's Son

one of the best playlists ive heard, seriously!! every new track only seemed to get more and more relevant to caddy! this was a perfect mix to draw him to

@naughtbutstars sorry for the late reply!!! this playlist was a big help in a drawing i did over on my tumblr @mystt! i would post a link but 8tracks doesnt seem to like it :C

@mysterioso oh my gosh, that was you?? I've seen that piece and I love the style! I'm amazed and so pleased that my mix helped you make that!!