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warm nights


a playlist about how it feels to rush up and down streets of a big city in the summer. you know, like when the sun is setting and there's a slight breeze, but it's still clearly clearly summer? yeah

11 tracks
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mmm could you tell me the artist of the 7th song? which appears under the name Toni Harper, cause I'm pretty sure I've heard that song on soundcloud and I can't remember from who it waaaas haha thanks in advance !

@sleepygal a@sleepygal ah, I think is because some tracks were deleted ??? it says 11 but I can only hear 8, so maybe we both are referring to different songs

@a n y a lore to the track list is:
1) T.Y.W.I.G. - Kali Uchis
2) OKAGA, CA - Tyler, the Creator
3) Sierra Leone - Frank Ocean
4) FIND YOUR WINGS - Tyler, The Creator
5) What They Say - Kali Uchis
6) Sobriety - SZA
7) Female Energy - Willow Smith
8) Warm Winds (the second half) - SZA
9) We Can't Be Friends - Dream Koala (I think this is the one you meant! :))
10) Lazy Calm - Cocteau Twins
11) End - Frank Ocean