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さよなら 幼い僕

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こにちは 大人。
((Goodbye young me, hello adulthood.))
Songs about growing up and/or losing parts of yourself.

  • リンネ music box ver by kenshi yonezu (music box flare)
    Farewell, darling, darling, darling,/On the endlessly looping loop,/ "Keep on sadly walking alone,young girl."
  • Skins Soundtrack 5x07 Song 4 Virtual Boy by Mass
  • Ruko Yokune ♂ Kire [FINISHED] by Donut Hole
    That's just what feeling I get, that's just what I thought... I can't smile wide, I'm stuck, there's nothing I can do...
  • Steven Universe by Steven Universe
  • Flaws by Bastille
    There's a hole in my soul. Can you fill it? Can you fill it?
  • Meltdown music box by Aliah Afifah
    If I dive into the nuclear reactor then I can let it all go
  • [VOCALOID Original] ECHO [Gumi English] by JustWillBrah
    What the hell's going on can someone help me please?
  • Glitch City by Steven Universe
  • 【SQUARE05】オリジナル楽曲「Melancholic Degree」ver.秋赤音【CV:鈴村健一】〜produced by 秋赤音(AKIAKANE)〜
    Goodbye young me and hello adulthood.
9 tracks
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