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INSOMNIA Greatest Hits || A FFXV Idol AU Playlist


Let the melodic voices of INSOMNIA entrance and enthrall you!

This is a playlist for my FFXV Idol AU in which the chocobros are part of the idol group called INSOMNIA! Here are various songs from various idol series or standalone songs which I think our boys would sing during their concerts. Many of the FFXV seiyuu do sing, and you'll definitely see their songs here!

There are also solos/duets in this playlist, and are annotated for your reference. Lyrics to some songs will also be annotated!

* Note: Not all voice actors singing belong to the characters (for example Gladio's VA rarely sings so I can't find anything for him orz) so I've taken some liberties with the songs and who would sing them.
* Full song list can be found here:

20 tracks
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