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Over Yonder - Hang the Fool Part 2 Fanmix


A fanmix for the last half of Hang the Fool by almameduele. Of distance and of coming back together.

This fic was a wild ride -- I laughed, I cried, I felt pain, I cried some more, and then cried out of joy. This fic, the works that Sam's brought to this world with her amazing words and ideas and thoughts. I'd like to thank her for making and sharing this fic, it's honestly contributed to how this ship has affected my life so positively.

Again, you can read Hang the Fool here:

10 tracks
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this is sappy and embarrassing but i just had to let you know- i sobbed ridiculously hard to this. i finished reading Hang The Fool a few days ago and ive been torn up about it since. it was everything id ever wanted from a fanfiction, and a story in general: beautifully written and gut-wrenchingly emotional. this mix put together all of my feelings about it in just ten songs and i wanted to thank you for that- it is nice to know it affected someone else as hard as it hit me. much love!

@zoiisite Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! This comment honestly made my day! I got terribly emotional even building this playlist up, even though I've finished Hang the Fool I still start tearing up when I remember it. I'm so glad that my emotions went through with this playlsit, and I'm so glad you liked it just as much! I'm super psyched for Sam's future fic projects and I might just make some more playlists for her stuff cuz her writing is amazing.