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Modern Western


This playlist is made up of thirteen tracks that evoke the western spirit in different genres, whether it be gritty indie-rock, introspective Americana, or western-inspired ambient music. Put it on and feel the badassery.

Indcludes music by Arcade Fire, Brand New, and The Snake The Cross The Crown.

13 tracks
4 comments on Modern Western

I'm only six songs in and I'm already wishing I had the musical ability to make a mix this good... I am also envious, but of your brilliant choice of songs, which I had never heard before. Mostly a fan of electronic but I secretly have a passion for this style of music.

damn man, thanks loads! haha I secretly have a passion for this type of thing too, which Is why I'm happier with this playlist than most of my others! Thanks again it really makes doing these playlists worth-while!

I noticed that you reply to all comments, so I went back and checked and realized I had not... Jeez I felt like a jerk, so I replied to all my listeners. Anyway, I'm further in the mix, still awesome. Good job.

haha I gotta or else I can't sleep well, it's so rare to actually get people to comment I just gotta hah! it always easy remembering! Thanks mang! Glad you're enjoying it! :)