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☀ house martell ☀

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a playlist for the martells of sunspear

a myriad of fine silks

an endless sea of sand

the relentless glare of the sun above

and wine as red

as b l o o d

" u n b o w e d. u n b e n t. u n b r o k e n."

  • Main Theme by Stuart Chatwood & Inon Zur
  • Sonokinetic Qanun by Sound On Sound
  • Aurora Desert Theme by Russell Shaw
  • Qanun Solo by Maqam Nahawand
  • Serpent Rising by mmm yesss
  • Ustad Kamal Sabri by Raag Adana (Sarangi)
  • Now We Are Free (Gladiator Main Theme) by Tina Guo
  • Healed Land Theme by InonZur
8 tracks
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