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we smirk in your general direction

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@myflourishandblotts oooh jeez wow i feel really really stupid, that makes a whole lot more sense! sorry about that :P I did make the cover/edit, but the actual picture of the marauders belongs to the group of people who made this marauders fan film (the "rising storm" i think its called). thanks again for the comment and sorry for the confusion!

this is seriously so good, i kept listening on repeat and then 8tracks told me there was a limit and i couldn't listen to it anymore times that day and i was not at home and i almost had a breakdown in the middle of the street. That is the sign of a good playlist hahah

@airplanecups Wow.. this is the most amazing thing I've ever read, so unbelievable! I'm really glad you liked the mix, thank you so so much for the comment!!