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For the 90's kid


A 90's nostalgia mix, songs that I grew up listening feat. Nirvana, Pearl Jam,Green Day etc
Mostly grunge/alternative with a mix of hard rock and heavy metal with artists like...(in the comments)

Thank u all for listening, your likes and comments, much appreciated!
My new mix with some more 90s tracks here

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I love this mix and I listen to it often, but recently I noticed some unusual voice-overs on some of the tracks. For example, in Unwell (Matchbox 20), there's some Jamaican jammin' and electronica going on in the background in some parts. Is that intentional? Just wondering, because it seems really out of place...

@brs054 thanks for letting me know, it was certainly not intentional :) 8tracks tries to match the uploaded tracks to those that are available on Soundcloud and gets very confused with the original and remixed versions, happened numerous times and I find out only when I go back and listen to the mixes, very annoying feature of 8Tracks, thanks once again and keep listening, feel free to let me know if you find any weird ones, will change it : )