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a collection of songs for the lands of hyrule, from the chants in the temples in praise of the three sisters and the beat of drums in far-off villages; for the crackling heat of volcanoes and the blinding desert sun and lush lost forests and their children; for the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero who guard them and who are bound together eternally across time and space, world and cycle without end.

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I can really imagine the hylians playing these songs in their villages and on their farms and people in robes singing these chorals in the citadel of time while a lone hero runs through the fields of hyrule to fight evil. (loz-fanboy here xD)

@FlyingBearsWithAxes dude, i feel the exact same way! this are great songs to listen to when playing the games and going across hyrule fields. really capture the essence of the games.