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Ocean breeze, top down, and drive.


A collection of some of my favorite vocal trance/chill mixes that would go perfect with the top down, driving along the coast. Or, wherever you may be. Chill out to Deadmau5, ATB, and Kaskade.

10 tracks
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This is a very nice playlist. I really like female vocals in trance and house type songs. Is there any way to do another mix similar to this with a little more upbeat possible dance type mix to it? I have a few mixes that are examples of what I'm talking about. You might know some songs that I don't list on my mixes. Thanks for this mix, it's great!

Hello!! I know what you're talking about =) I haven't had time to make new playlists recently but I'm on winter break from school now so I'll get on it! Thank you for your suggestion.