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These Golden Stars


"You're the hero now, all your dreams are coming true, but you still look up at those distant golden stars and think, 'This isn't enough'? Selfish bastard."

13 tracks
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Shoutout to everyone who helped this playlist hit gold! I'm planning on making at least one more Borderlands playlist so if anyone has any requests or stuff that'd be rad B)

@nemesisvariant I told you your stuff is quality! hnng You have the best taste. One song you should consider is I Like It by Take That. It feels Borderlands-y in tune but also is seemingly jovial and arrogant enough to remind me of Handsome Jack.

@thegardeneel I just looked up that song and let me tell you that's definitely going on the next playlist! You're too kind B) this is actually really encouraging me to go work on the new mix so thanks for that lol

@thegardeneel hey again, I'm just letting you know here (because private messaging wasn't working) that I'm sorry but I haven't been able to find the song on here and haven't the means to download it, so it can't be on the next one. I'm really sorry! I figured I'd explain so I wouldn't offend you when the next one comes out.

I need to say this again. I am in so much love with your musical taste. You make the best best best music combinations ever, and it creates such a unique and significant mood. I want to know all your favorite songs, all the songs on your playlist, all the songs you've ever listened to. And you even added Hit the Road Jack! you're amazing