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You got your doppelgangers, your filthy bandits, your psychopaths, your Hyperion underlings, and your demons who see angels when they look in the mirror. Pandora! What a planet!

15 tracks
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@andresoh haha well thanks for saying that man, mainly put the tag because I didn't know how this would be received (hadn't really put much thought into my other playlists). So seriously, thank you :D

This is the BEST (and my FAVORITE!) mixtape I've ever listened to! Seriously, I made an account just to comment here. Every single one of the darned songs here just blew me away. You should keep on adding to this as the Telltale episodes continue being released, and maybe even end with a "Hit the Road Jack".

@thegardeneel Haha, 'Hit the Road Jack' might just go on my next Borderlands playlist xD But I seriously gotta say that you're awesome thank you so much