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Rise, Fall, Rinse, Repeat


This is not a mix about Kuvira being power-crazed. It's more about her as a person, starting out with her disagreeing with Suyin and vowing to do better(1-3). These noble intentions become corrupted (crazed) over time(4-6) and eventually land her in the role as dictator as we know her(7-9). From thereon out it's downhill for her as she loses her war and is sent to prison(10&11) and tries to regain her humanity from behind bars(12&13). HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED

14 tracks
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(Sorry, hit enter too soon.) I really like how this mix goes quieter halfway through- instead of talking about power it details Kuvira's fall from grace. I really like that <3

@vickifay27 I'm glad you noticed that! I didn't want to create a mix about Kuvira as a power-crazed dictator, but tried to 'depict' her whole story instead. (I may have gotten rid of that (((one song))), after looking back at it I made some changes ^^)