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A selection of instrumental and Sephardic music inspired by the life and times of Gracia Mendes Nasi, with all the passion, intrigue, and exquisite taste of a life spent at the helm of an international trading empire and defying kings and popes alike to guard her people from terror and death.

She financed an underground railroad that rescued hundreds of Jews from the Inquisition's grasp and partnered with Suleiman the Magnificent to settle the refugees in Ottoman lands. In Istanbul, she founded synagogues and schools, and in the Holy Land, she supported a Jewish community in Tiberias and the Galilee.

26 tracks
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This is many things: divinely beautiful, perfect for studying for my world history class, and in general the perfect relaxation and contemplation soundtrack. Thank you for making this, I can see how much thought you put into it, and I love the descriptions with the few dozen songs.