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the soldier in the tower


Mulan falls hard for Aurora, but her love goes unrequited. As depression and despair take their hold, her heart disappears behind high, thorny walls, to wait until someone wakes it from its slumber.

Only a princess who's escaped her own tower can set her free.

All female vocalists.

13 tracks
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@wistfulwatcher Eee! Thank you! That means a lot especially from you. c8 I think what got me thinking about it was my desire to see Mulan given a storyline and a romance as rewarding and interesting as all the straight couples on OUAT get rather than just more sad, unrequited love for Aurora. Queer women deserve happy endings, too! And I loved OUAT's Rapunzel and wish we could see more of her. That said, I realize the likelihood of OUAT focusing on two potentially queer women of color at one time is a bit slim. 8p Thank you again for the like and your sweet comment!