Tony Capparelli aka Neon Funk is an electronic music producer; he made is debut with several bands as singer and guitarist.
His references are rather eclectic and go from John Barry to Led Zeppelin, major composers familiar with electricity yet not electronic.

Capparelli discovering Chemical Brothers’ “Exit Planet Dust” in 1995 changes dramatically his vision of music and leads him to electronic music.

Once he created his record label EARSTUFF a few years later, he releases his first Trip-hop productions and he discovers a new way to envision music and to convey his mix of genres.

He produces a series of singles, which were heard in several compilations with French “spoken vocals” against a backdrop of Downtempo compositions as his signature.

After many years traveling around the world and making human and musical connections, Tony Capparelli comes back with a mind full of images and memories. Thus he starts a long period of creation in studio when he explores new ways to produce and shapes his style.

Using two drums in his productions enables Neon Funk to deliver a powerful rhythmic section that rejuvenates the Chill Out tonal style akin to DJ Spooky “Illbient”.

Yet here, the organic dimension is made a priority as in Nightmare on Wax “Les Nuits” by emphasizing a great number of acoustic instruments such as the guitar; but mostly by putting emphasis on strings omnipresence.

A new style more cinematic such as the soundtrack from our lives’ footages whispered in French: this is what remains Neon Funk’s very signature.

A charming cruise that take us from Formentera beach to a New York rooftop, from iced latte in Venetia to an iced mojito on one of Copacabana beaches … a music that lulls the oblivious nimbleness of our apathetic—nonchalant – dispassionate lives: an invitation to forget about our daily lives.