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keelah se'lai

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after time adrift among open stars
along tides of light and through shoals of dust
I will return to where I began

(for the woman who found a home in the stars and fell back into nothingness as her people burned)

  • I'm Sorry by Mass Effect
  • Aftermath (Drama) by Simon Stevens
  • White Angel (Florian Bur) by EpicMusicVn
  • Ascending (Orchestra) by Mattia Cupelli Music
  • Between Worlds (Roger Subirana) by Roger Subirana
  • Jane's Lament by idontknow
  • The Parallel World by Reality Of Higher
  • Opening by GeorgeFentonMusic
  • Near Light by Ólafur Arnalds
  • Tears From Heaven by Adi Goldstein
10 tracks
3 comments on keelah se'lai

Both this and your mix for Liara have quickly become favourites of mine. I'd love, love, love if you continued this collection with other squad mates. <3

@AGypsyAndAThief I'm really glad you like them :) I've been working on a Shepard one recently, but I'll definitely think about doing some of the other characters.