Is this playlist safe for work?

hello angel, i'll ruin you

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Ah I'm really sorry I don't know why it's like that then? This usually works for me. The only thing that I can think of that would make the playlist not publishable is that you are repeating the same songs. If you are, the playlist won't be uploaded. Other than that, look on the top where it tells you the problem is and try to fix it! Sorry I couldn't be of more help! Let me know if you have any other questions and/or you are able to upload the playlist!

^^^ i am currently trying to make an ex'act playlist & i changed the artist & album names to something different for all of them, but it still says i have more than two songs from exo so i cant upload it

Oh haha so the trick is to put the artist as something different. So if you look at my playlist (this one) I simply put he artist name as something random. You can put "blackberry" or "sehun" in the artist section of you wanted as long as it's not exo. Hoped this helped!

thank u for this!!! i probably sound really dumb but how do you add more than 3 songs by the same artist? (in this instance, exo) i tried but 8tracks is being annoying help pls!