Is this playlist safe for work?


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i thought maybe I'd write mr robot and see if there is such thing as a playlist for this? and bam i see this love it love the show you're amazing for making this

@c0mbeferre I know right?! I was at this part in mr robot when he says something like ''well there is possibility that there is a fault in the code and this thing will never work....but of course there isn't there's never a fault in my code'' or something along those lines I can't find the quote. and I was like ''...wait....that sounds familiar....'' and I basically made the whole playlist because I wanted to put gasoline in it xD Thank you so much!

@c0mbeferre @NephelePaintsTheRain I had the same experience. I listened to Halsey before I watched this show (still haven't finished it though) and when I right when I got that quote I was so excited. I immediately made a graphic.