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All My Stars Aligned [An Oriko Mikuni Fanmix]


A mix for Oriko Mikuni's wish and revelation; for her glimpses into the future, and how she sees the present after looking into it.

8 tracks
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@Omniscient Trees aaa thank you!!! Oriko Magica is like my favorite thing ever so (it needs so much more of a fanbase. being meguca is suffering.)

@nercania-orccelga yep..... although! i've been listening to this mix whiel reasong a PMMM fic that features oriko and co as prominent background characters (and in the chapter i'm on rn, main characters in a flashback, tho this ha shappened a lot before with her too). there's also a theory that she's still alive 450 years later in this fic.... if you've not read it, you should check it out:

@nercania-orccelga snippet from the chapter:

'Who are you? Yuma asked.

"I guess you could say I'm the ghost of history," Clarisse said, out loud, apparently a continuation of her conversation with Oriko.

"Well, then I'm the ghost of the future," Oriko said. "What is this, A Christmas Carol?"

Clarisse laughed. '

@Omniscient Trees aaa yesss. I follow To The Stars! I've been reading it for a while and Oriko and co. have been my favorite characters in it for a long time :D with Mami as a veeery close second. (to the whole group, I guess.) I really hope you enjoy the ride--it's a really great fanfic (it even has a minor fandom of itself, with some spinoffs, though I haven't read them). you haven't caught up yet, have you? what chapter are you on?

@nercania-orccelga chapter 45 rn. interludes 2 and 2.5 collectively fucking shattered my heart. it doesn't help that i'm kin with oriko... so you can see why i'm trying to work out how she could have survived x.x interlude 2.5 was practically a novella of its own.

@nercania-orccelga jus tfinished ch46 and i am so frustrated there isn't more...... i'm trying to find more content depsrately tho. i found this on the sufficient velocity thread abotu 'oriko's revenge' lmao:

"Public Order: In the name of Governance and the Directorate, you are under arrest, Representative.

Chitose Yuma: Are you threatening me?

Public Order: The Directorate will decide your fate.

Chitose Yuma: I AM the Directorate. "