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We Reigned as Gods - Sleepless and Content

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I love the title so much. That's so cool that you thought of it yourself. I was thinking it might of been from the books but I couldn't find it. It's so beautiful. Have a lovely evening and thanks for replying!!

Hey, I loved the playlist but I was wondering where the title comes from. Thanks and keep up the good work!

@clue222 Well. As far as I know I made it up myself. I just remembered how Adam had called Ronan a god, and I figured a young man that can take part of a mythical dream forest from the beginning of time into himself and then convince said forest to recreate a human life is pretty much a god too. And then all these poor children either have insomnia or are exhausted to the point of collapse at one point or another. Since in my head the playlist doesn't just focus on Adam and Ronan during the events of series but their lives afterwards, I figured that any sleepless nights they did have would be a lot easier. I occurs to me now though that maybe it should be "Sleeping and Content" instead, since my hope is that both boys can get a good night's sleep now for the love of god.