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Music for your Dom Pérignon

  • S/ash by Darius
  • Voyance by Cloud
  • I'll Never Dream (Feat. Sunsun) by Kaskade
  • Las Llaves (Schmoov Remix) by Vincent Kwok
  • Kaskade 01 Feelin' Hypnotized (Kaskade Extended Mix) by LMaeds517
  • Rise (Samantha James) by BennyBeetz
  • Beautiful Day (Dub Mix) by Tantsui
  • Take Me (Chloe Martini Remix) by Rufus
8 tracks
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I am a huge narc who never trusts anybody else's playlists but mine (haha) but yours have blown me away!! It makes my high extra better! Especially the Skylounge ones!! Thanks bruh!!

This playlist has started very promising :) First track is a beast! I just posted a new playlist myself, if you could check it out, that would be really cool :) Also - Skylounge is a beast of a name for a playlist haha... If you do check out my playlist, keep an eye of for Cinema's tracks... they are one of my mates tracks and he's really good to be fair :)

Your Skylounge and Mallorca playlists are amazing! I use them whenever we host a party. It's the perfect background tunes.